Kenya Ministry


Kenya Ministry

“Lord…all the we have accomplished, You have done for us!” – Isaiah 26:12


Kenya has 2.6 million orphaned children, which is 7% of their population! Many of them live on their own or with relatives who can ill afford to keep them. The need was so great we could not turn away. In response, we began the Kenya branch of our ministry in May 2009 with 12 children in placed in Christian families, under our supervision and support. We became a legal Trust – Grace Children’s Home Ministries Trust – on November 23, 2010 and received our Certificate of Incorporation on December 24, 2013.

The ministry quickly grew beyond our ability without our own facility, so at just the right time, in May of 2013, God provided a 14-acre parcel of land in rural Kenya. There we are building homes and auxiliary buildings as our permanent ministry base. We currently have 3 family homes, various administrative and farm buildings, and a large multi-purpose dining hall/meeting place.


In 2018, God provided a reliable borehole with our own underground river to meet every need for water! In 2020, He provided a back-up generator to provide water – even during the frequent electrical blackouts. We have around 10 acres of farmland that provides food for our families, and here the children learn how to grow various crops – an important skill in Kenyan society. They love contributing to their daily meals and making the land a better place for the generations of children who will follow them.

Grace Children’s Home Ministry was begun to provide a safe haven for the orphaned, abandoned, destitute and abused – the most at-risk boys and girls in Kenyan society. Suffering children live day after day in sickness, in pain and misery without any hope that life can ever be any better. What a joy it is to be the ones to offer hope to them – hope for health and education and their future. Our goal is to provide Christ-centered loving care for our children – seeing to their physical, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs.

Our children are placed in small family-style homes with a full-time 24/7 caregiver where they gain a sense of normal, loving family life. Our staff members work together with all their hearts and energies to help each individual child develop to their fullest potential. We provide shelter, medical care, education, nutritious food, and Biblical counseling.  But above all, we rejoice to introduce them to their Heavenly Father and give them hope of eternal life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These children are God’s precious treasures and every day He communicates His love to them through those who serve in our ministry. We consider it a very special privilege to be Jesus’ hands and feet to His little ones. As Mother Theresa said, “Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.”


The glory of God though the Gospel is the heart and soul of our work. Our feeding, clothing, educating and medical care are important, but our true mission is to lead our children to their Heavenly Father who loves them intensely – and then discipling them through daily teaching of God’s Word. God is the only One who truly understands all that they have been through and who knows exactly how to heal their hurting hearts. We seek to nurture them to spiritual maturity and ministry in the church. We encourage them to grow in faith, discover their spiritual gifts and exercise them.

The heart of our teaching is to bring them to wholeness in Christ, and for them to pass that hope on to others. We want them to grow knowing life isn’t just all about them but that God blesses us so we might bless others.

And as they are healed and free of worries of starvation and abuse and sickness, they become childlike again – children who love to sing and dance and skip and play just like all other children around the world. What a joy to be a part of their healing journey! To date, we have had the privilege of having nearly 60 children under our care.