Making a difference for orphaned, abandoned, abused and destitute children in Asia and Africa since 2002…

Grace Children’s Homes provide a place of safety and loving care for the least of these in our nurturing families. Through the love of Jesus Christ, we shepherd them to complete healing and hope – hope for a bright future in this life and for eternity. It is our joy to be the instruments in the hand of God to lead His precious, broken children to a life of wholeness and fruitfulness in their Heavenly Father.

You can make a difference in the life of a hurting child…

(Jesus said) “Whoever receives one child like this in My Name receives Me…” Mark 9:37


1. Pray

Everything that we have ever done in our Grace Children’s Home Ministry is based on the foundation of prayer. We are totally dependent on our God who works thru the prayers of His people! Please sign up to join our prayer team!

2. Become a Supporter

Grace Children’s Home Ministries is run entirely by faith in the Lord God who started this ministry. One time or regular gifts can be made to the general fund or a special project.

3. Extend Your Family

Sponsor a specific child for any amount that works for you. Just $35 per month covers their food costs and only $110-120 per month covers all expenses for a child. You will have an opportunity to exchange letters and pictures with your child. Prayer is a key to the sponsorship program as well – as sponsors and children pray for one another daily, their relationship grows.


How you can help make a difference in the life of a child?


Think about how different your life would be

if you were born in a place where there was no clean drinking water and a quarter of all children died before their 5th birthday. Envision being so malnourished and hungry that you never grow to your potential – either physically or mentally. Perhaps you never had the opportunity to go to school because you had to work or carry water for your family – or maybe there wasn’t even a school in your area. Imagine you had no access to health care so simple illnesses like diarrhea or an infected tooth becomes a death sentence. Even worse, think what your life would be like if a rebel army came and destroyed your village, killing your family and driving you to live in a refugee camp – maybe in another country.