Our Story

Asian Ministry

"Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10

*In a number of countries throughout the world, Christians suffer persecution simply because they love and follow Jesus Christ. Our Asian home is in one such country. In order to protect our ministry, we do not put any information on the internet that could identify them to the government. All names are withheld to protect the children and staff. If you wish to know more about this Asian ministry, please contact us on the “contact us” page and we will be happy to answer your questions.

In 2001 I travelled to an Asian* nation and was moved by the abject poverty I saw that affected the children more than anyone. It broke my heart to see even preschoolers in riverbeds, working day after day, breaking rocks into gravel just for survival. Their life was like a nightmare that they could never escape. Everywhere I travelled in that land I saw children in utter need. After returning to the USA, I knew that God had some part for me to play with these children’s lives – to make a difference for at least some of them. We prayed for His will and guidance for months. And that is where Grace Children’s Home Ministries was begun – on our knees. God’s answer was a complete surprise – for us to start a children’s home for destitute, orphaned and abandoned children – it seemed so impossible. The obstacles were endless. But God always makes a way for HIS plans to succeed. Every step of the way, He has been our Faithful Guide, Provider and Strength.

Grace Children’s Home Ministry began in this Asian nation in May of 2002 with 8 small children. Most of them were sick and in need of medical care. Their bodies were full of worms and parasites and they were lacking basic nutrition. Some came from a very remote area where there was not one single adult Christian. In our home, the children blossomed as they received the love of parents, medical care, nutritious food and vitamins. But most importantly, in our home they learned about their heavenly Father who loved them and gave His life for them. Children generally are able to recognize biblical Truth through their childlike eyes and they embraced this Truth as they grew. Year by year God enlarged our family with more and more children who were lovingly cared for, introduced to Christ and discipled in their Christian faith – both every day in the home and in church.

Today, most of them are finishing their education and are young adults in higher learning – studying nursing, humanities, computers, and management, among other things. Two daughters have married godly Christian men. It is our desire to see each one of them established in life – equipped to be self-supporting and serving the Lord. We thank God for every single one of these lives He has entrusted into our care – they have brought us much joy as they have grown into responsible God-fearing young people. All credit for everything accomplished in this ministry goes to our Lord – to God be the glory!