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How can you help make a difference in the life of a child?

(Jesus said) “Whoever receives one child like this in My Name receives Me…” Mark 9:37

1. Pray

Grace Childrens Home

Everything that we have ever done in our Grace Children’s Home Ministry is based on the foundation of prayer. We are totally dependent on our God who works thru the prayers of His people! Please sign up to join our prayer team!

2. Become a Supporter


Grace Children’s Home Ministries is run entirely by faith in the Lord God who started this ministry. One time or regular gifts can be made to the general fund.

3. Extend your Family

Christian Orphanage

Sponsor a specific child for $35 per month and several times a year you will have an opportunity to exchange letters, gifts and pictures with them. Prayer is a key to the sponsorship program as well- as sponsors and children pray for one another daily, their relationship grows.

Grace Children’s Home Ministries

Grace Children’s Home Ministries exists to rescue and care for orphaned, abandoned, and destitute children of foreign countries, in the Name of Jesus Christ. We are changing the lives of desperate, hopeless children- one life at a time.

Grace Children’s Home’s Start

We began in May 2002 with eight children & God has grown our ministry over the years. Our homes are run in a family setting by national parents. All of the children’s needs are provided for- healthcare, education, physical care, parental love and Biblical training. Most children are experiencing these for the first time in their lives.

The Sad Facts

support a missionaryTragically, every 3 seconds a child dies from hunger related causes – 26,500 per day! That is the equivalent of 100 jetliners full of children crashing and burning every single day. Ten million children die per year! And what’s worse – their deaths are totally preventable. There is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone. But what can we do? The scope of the problem is so huge, but in reality, children in need are saved only one life at a time! Imagine the difference it would make if everyone helped someone!

Kenya Ministries

In June, 2009, God directed us to expand our work into this very needy country. This country has 1.6 million AIDS orphans – many of them living on their own or with relatives who can ill afford to care for them. Grace Children’s Homes began in partnership with United African Evangelical Ministries and the Osborne family in Kangundo. We started with two family homes (which we anticipate will grow to 10-12 children) and one foster home. Using established families from the UAEM network of churches, we can place orphans in godly foster homes with direct supervision by the local churches. This new fostering pilot program shows excellent potential for expanding the number of orphans we will be able to care for. The need for orphan care in Kenya is appalling and our desire is to help as many children as possible with the funds that God provides.